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The first step to the mold removal process is getting a professional mold inspection for your San Francisco property. If you notice what appears to be mold in your basement, or you smell something that makes you think that mold may be in your laundry room, or you start to feel the symptoms of mold allergies in your home, you may indeed be dealing with a mold problem. Then again, you will need to be sure, and it is imperative that you find out the extent of the mold problem and the cause of the mold problem before you have a professional remove mold from your home. A professional mold inspection process should involve:

  • A complete visual inspection of the entire property
  • Moisture testing with a digital moisture reader
  • Leak detection to determine areas where water is seeping into your home
  • Air and surface samples to determine the air quality issues and the nature of the mold

Experienced mold inspectors will know what to look for, where to look for it, and the proper way to use mold detection equipment. Getting a good San Francisco mold inspection can be the difference between a mold problem that is resolved completely and one that continues to return over and over again.

At Bay Area Mold Services, we have the skilled and certified mold inspectors to properly resolve mold situations at your San Francisco Bay Area property.