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It’s one thing for us to tell you a story as a company. It’s another for a client to tell the story from their own eyes. We believe that a company is not just its own history, but also the history of the clients it serves. Some of our clients made an effort to write down their stories to share with visitors.

These are a few of those stories:

  • Katie Reynolds of Berkeley, CA: Katie purchased a house without knowing that there was a mold problem. The sellers seemed to not disclose this at the time of sale. Katie was upset, but eventually sought out professional advice from Bay Area Mold Services and was able to work with the previous owners to pay for the remediation of her property.
  • Cathryn McAdams of Daly City, CA: Cathy has lived in her home near San Francisco for several years. Even after her husband passed away she still maintained her home. While she didn’t experience any symptoms herself, she quickly realized there was a problem with mold in her property when her grandchildren started experiencing breathing issues.